What is detoxing?

When we’re talking about detoxing, we’re talking about improving and optimizing the function of our bodies own detoxification systems.  In a nutshell, detoxification is what your body does naturally to get rid of toxins. It’s a pretty important function, and our organs are constantly working and interacting with all other functions of the body to say goodbye to toxic substances. When we ‘detox’ we are working to decrease the amount of toxins we put into our bodies while at the same time supporting our body’s detoxification systems with the nutrients it needs to function properly. The main aim of the detox game is to support our bodies natural detox pathways, so we can flush toxins more effectively. Try our detox water infusions and you’ll see first hand all the benefits a good ole’ internal cleanse can bring!


What are Naked Grace detox water infusions?

Simply put, our water infusions are little pre-made bags of detoxifying goodness that you can pop into your water bottle anytime anywhere, for a delicious drink on the go. Water is your body’s source of life. Being hydrated not only improves your health and naturally flushes toxins out of your body, but also keeps your skin, hair and metabolism in top form.  Our water infusions are especially beneficial because it makes the act of drinking water more enjoyable, both for the tastebuds and the eyes. Don’t forget about our water infusions healthy array of natural antioxidants and vitamins. Our infusions also provide the natural sweet flavour of the fruit, but without the extra calories or sugar. 


Is it tea?

While our infusions look like they come in tea bags, Naked Grace is not another teatox!  Our infusions don’t require any brewing, and they don’t use ingredients that will leave your tummy in a tangle (if you know what I mean!). So you can detox with Naked Grace anytime, anywhere!


Do Naked Grace water infusions really work?

Absolutely! And that’s the naked truth. We use fruits and herbs known for their detox performing qualities. These ingredients will provide you with a goldmine of vitamins and minerals vital for supporting our bodies elimination pathways and overall health. When it comes to Naked Grace, it’s not uncommon to hear about benefits like improved skin, a boosted metabolism, healthy and strong hair and nails, and of course a super refreshed and invigorated body with a liver that loves you!


When will I notice a difference?

The pairing of insanely nutritious ingredients mean that when you start drinking our infusions, it won’t take long to notice the benefits! Stay consistent and you’ll feel a difference within a week or two and see a difference within a few weeks!


What's in Naked Grace infusions?

See the ingredients page on our website for a full list of everything that goes into Naked Grace! Hint, they’re real, they’re delicious and they are ever so nutritious!


Are my Naked Grace infusions all-natural?

Absolutely babe! We’re all about natural beauty and natural ingredients!


What is inside my Naked Grace package?

Every Naked Grace pack includes 18 infusion bags. You’ll get 2-2.5 litres out of each infusion bag, so that’s at least 36 litres of detox goodness per pack!


How do I prepare the infusions?

Simply pop a bag in your water, and you're good to go! The longer you leave the bag to infuse, the bolder the taste! We recommend waiting at least 10 minutes, but you can even leave the bag overnight if you want a super strong flavour!


How do I drink the infusions?

With a smile ;)


What do the infusions taste like?

Each blend uses different fruits that provide different flavours. In ever bag though, you’ll get a natural and delicious fruit flavour that makes drinking water way more fun than it was before!

For those of you that like strawberry, give our ‘Uplift’ a go!

For a subtle taste of pineapple, try our super detoxifying ‘Purify’ blend

If watermelon is your usual go to, you’ll love‘ Unwind’


How often should I detox?

If using a different detox brand or following a specific detox diet, make sure you check how often you should be cleansing! A lot of  detoxes available these days use ingredients that while purifying, can be quite harsh on our systems and should only be used every now and then.  If you’re detoxing with Naked Grace though, you can rest assured that while our ingredients are effective, they’re subtle enough that you won’t need a break between cleanses. You can literally drink Naked Grace anytime, anywhere!


Are there any precautions to take when starting with the detox infusions?

Please keep in mind that the safety of supplements in pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and those with medical conditions or who are taking medications has not been established. Best to check with a doctor before giving our blends a go.


Are there any side effects?

Our infusions have been created to provide you with nothing but benefits! However, as with anything, if you think you notice something not quite right we definitely recommend you see a doctor.


What ingredients are in Naked Grace water infusions?

Naked Grace infusions are all-natural and contain absolutely no nasties or chemicals! Our blends contain only specially freeze-dried fruits and herbs, which have been paired together to make the most out of their nutritional benefits. The herbs and fruits used in each infusion can be found labeled on the front of each pack.


Can guys drink Naked Grace too?

Absolutely! We don’t have cooties, we promise.


Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide, and for FREE too! However, due to restrictions outside of our control, there are a few places beyond even Naked Grace’s reach. See our shipping policy for a detailed list.


How can I contact you?

We would love to hear from you! If you’d like to contact us, please email