About Us

Are you trying to drink more water but feel like this vital part of your day is just another chore?

Well, I don’t blame you!

The truth is, if we want to commit to nourishing our bodies with hydration, it needs to be convenient and most of all, we need a way to make water taste amazing!

This is why Naked Grace was born.

Naked Grace infusions are lovingly formulated in Australia from the purest blend of dehydrated fruit pieces and healing herbs.

Designed to hydrate and heal, Naked Grace infusions transform your ordinary water in 5 seconds flat and can come with you anywhere.

Simply add cold water daily and watch the natural flavour and gorgeous colour infuse. Once you taste your first Naked Grace blend, drinking water will never feel like a chore again.

Reduce water weight and feel amazing by staying hydrated.

#1 Water supports your metabolism
#2 Water increases energy & relieves fatigue
#3 Water promotes weight loss 
#4 Water provides you with pure hydration
#5 Water helps your digestive system
#6 Water allows your body to naturally flush out toxins
#7 Water improves skin complexion 
#8 Water helps prevent muscle cramps
#9 Water supports your immune system
#10 Water helps you generally feel well