9 Unexpected reasons you'll want to stay hydrated

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You’ve probably heard that the human body is made of 60% water, so we know how essential it is to drink this life-giving liquid. But - water is not always the most exciting thing to drink. Luckily there are a few ways to make drinking water more fun and to make it even easier, we wanted to share a few unexpected benefits of drinking water to help keep you motivated. Thank us later! 


#1 Get Better Breath

When your mouth is dry, this can lead to bad breath and even increase your risk of developing cavities. Staying hydrated is a sure fire way to protect against this! Water helps keep your mouth clean and fresh at all times and stimulates saliva production to wash away build up after eating.


#2 Cleanse and detoxify your body

Our kidneys do an amazing job at filtering toxins from our bodies but they need a significant amount of water to make this happen. This is especially important if you’ve overindulged a little or just want to cleanse your body and feel great. Let’s be real, who doesn’t?


#3 Help Prevent Hangovers

Have you ever woken up feeling hungover even without drinking? Sometimes this feeling is actually caused more by being dehydrated rather than the alcohol itself. Of course, alcohol isn’t exactly good for you, but one of the biggest factors which makes you feel ill is the fact it dehydrates the body. So, next time there’s a special occasion where you feel like indulging in some bubbles (or something stronger) try to drink a glass of water between every drink and have another big glass of the wet stuff before bed. You’ll feel much better the next day - and your body will thank you!


#4 Improve cardiovascular health

Dehydrated bodies have dehydrated blood. Essentially your heart has to work overtime to pump blood around your body placing it under unnecessary strain. Once you start to better hydrate your body you’ll notice physical activity becomes so much easier!


#5 Be Cooler

We can’t promise water will give you greater street cred, but it can help your body cool down. One of the ways your body maintains a safe core temperature is bringing blood vessels closer to the surface of the skin when you’re hot so heat can be released through your pores. This process is far more efficient when you’re hydrated.


#6 Stay Lubricated

Before you get too excited, we’re talking muscles and joints here. Hydrated muscles are better at receiving nutrients and expelling waste, while joints can move with ease. But that does mean greater flexibility...


#7 Spice up Your Sex Life

Well, actually, while we’re on this topic. Drinking more water can help your sex life too. As we touched on above, more water means more bodily fluids for better lubrication. On top of this, your nice supple joints and muscles will improve your flexibility - yes please. Water is also essential for cells to function, so when you’re well hydrated, you will have more strength and energy flowing through you - and we all know how essential that is (no more starfish)!


#8 Keep your Skin Youthful

Hydration helps your skin maintain elasticity and prevent the signs of ageing (wrinkles, we’re looking at you). Ask anyone with great skin - they all have two things in common - staying protected from the sun and drinking lots of water.


#9 Aid Weight Loss

On top of all the benefits from keeping you hydrated, water alo keeps you feeling full, which works wonders for weight loss. It’s also known that we often mistake thirst for hunger, so next time you’re craving a snack, drink a glass of water first to see if you’re truly hungry or not!


So there you have it, 9 reasons you’ll love drinking more water. Which one are you most excited about?


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