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If you're anything like me and struggle to get 2L of water down a day, you'll love these infusions- and so will your skin! 


Waking up and drinking my fruit infused water has been a game changer. I’ve loved adding Naked Grace to my water, making sure my body is clean for the day, detoxing through out and keeping my skin super healthy. To find something that tastes amazing and helps not only my skin but my hydration is EXACTLY what I needed.


My body has now recieved a massive boost from having a product that makes water taste appetising as well as having so many benefits, like keeping your hair, skin and metabolism in its best shape, as well as naturally flushing out toxins! 


I’m not the biggest fan of water by itself and now I actually really enjoy drinking it. Not only does Naked Grace make me enjoy water, it shows real results. Ever since I started using this product I’m never really bloated and my skin is amazing and radiant, this product is truly amazing! I love it so much!


In the lead up to my Fiji getaway I started drinking Naked Grace detox water, (because being bloated on holiday is never a good feeling). So delicious and the perfect way to stay hydrated plus I can never go past pink packaging. Super excited to see the new product they have in the works!


These natural fruit and herb water infusions are my latest love. Staying hydrated never tasted so good! You get yummy water + detox benefits. Thank you Naked Grace. 


Naked Grace water infusions are amazing! They taste and smell so gooood and they have really helped me with my bloating! I can get bloated from bloody looking at food and having one of these bad boys in my water bottle everyday has really helped me out!


I’m really prone to bad skin, if I’ve eaten something unhealthy or am feeling stressed, I’ll break out in an instant. I haven’t had ONE SINGLE breakout since trying Naked Grace and it’s been months! It’s definitely a spice for life.


Naked Grace infusions are amazing! Adding that extra flavour to your daily water intake makes you feel fresh and hydrated throughout the day. I couldn’t thank these little infusions enough!


Naked Grace actually replenishes my body with  vitamins and minerals and it just makes my skin and body feel a lot healthier….my skin has just become so much better.


Easy to use water infusions! -yum! making it easy to keep hydrated, and ‘feel good Naked’. The vitamins and minerals in Naked Grace are also beneficial for clearing skin and maintaining healthy hair. These little bags of goodness have so many benefits!


I’m a huge lover of all things detox. My latest obsession has been with the Naked Grace UPLIFT infusion. It’s filled with tasty fruits that have so many amazing benefits for you. It tastes just like cordial, only a whole lot healthier. 


I've always found it hard to drink the recommended amount of water, then I heard abut Naked Grace. It makes drinking water so much more fun and I easily replenish my body with the vitamins I need! I 10/10 recommend buying one of Naked Grace's many different flavours- it'll change your life!  


I was skeptical about something claiming to ‘detox’, but after deciding enough was enough I ordered Naked Grace anyway. I can tell you right now, I’m never looking back! No more excess kilos and bloating for me, I feel amazing.


These infusions are amazing, I’ve never felt so fresh and clean 💛 pop one of these bad boys into your water, your skin and body will feel so hydrated and refreshed. 100% would recommend! Also it tastes and smells AMAZING! 


Uplift has given me so much energy!! Like literally been doing interval training with sprints. Obessed!! 


I love my Naked Grace. My headaches are gone, hydration and vitamins make such a big difference. I feel so much better, sharper, energised and I can’t live without- I take it everywhere with me.


Water can get boring, so it’s good having something simple and easy to add and make it taste really good. I love Naked Grace and the fact that it has lemon and even basil through it. Having micronutrients through your water is super beneficial. 


I used to really suffer from bloating, badly! Naked Grace has been a SAVING Grace when it comes to my bloat, though. Since drinking the infusions I look better and feel better. 


I was feeling a lot of dehydration before Naked Grace but Naked Grace really helps with hydration! Plus since starting the detox pack I’ve had a lot more nutrients and minerals coming through. And I’ve actually felt it a lot through my skin.


I was amazed to see real hydrated lemon and herbs come to life in my water. It assured me that what I was putting into my body was healthy and pure. 


I was struggling with dehydration and bloating. I heard about Naked Grace and decided to give it a go. I have never looked back!  The infusions are natural and super delicious. Drinking 3L a day is now a pleasure, not a chore! 


I'm a nurse and was really interested in the health benefits of Naked Grace. it's great for your liver, all the micronutrients make our bodies detox pathways work much more effectively.


The Naked Grace detox infusions are amazing! Hydration is not an  issue anymore since it makes water taste ah-mazing! and I just want to keep on drinking. The flavours are fresh, natural and super delicious. My favourite is Uplift. 


I tried detox waters but all that chopping up fruit just wasn't for me. What I love about Naked Grace is that you get all the benefits of fruit water, vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, loads of B vitamins and heaps of antioxidants, but it comes in a sachet that’s all ready to go.


I LOVE water but most of the time I need it to be flavoured. I’ve been trying Naked Grace and I love it! It helps with flushing out toxins, improves skin and gives you loads of vitamins and minerals. Plus I’m a sucker for cute packaging, too.


Being overseas for 4 weeks got me binge eating and drinking like there’s no tomorrow. But when tomorrow did come, all these naughty behaviour took a toll on my body. Been feeling fatigue and unwell so thankfully Naked Grace came to my rescue with their delicious water infusions made from 100% dehydrated fruit and herbs. Made here in Australia with no added sugar and nasties, pure goodness to help me feel more confident too 😈